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Risk management

Manage your risk with the professionals

Successfully managing commercial risks will help support the operational management of your school.

Online risks

Dealing with online reputational risks

Our online reputational risk tool utilises a unique combination of the latest technology and expert risk analysis to detect, identify and assess reputational risk to your school.


Cyber risks

Manage the major cyber security risks for your school

Our cyber liability insurance policies cover loss of income related to a cyber attack and can also cover the cost of third party experts, such as a forensic investigator or ransom negotiator.

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Assess your risk of cyber attack

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Driving value for your school

As well as different cover options, you can also choose how to provide insurance to your pupils and fee payers. With our flexible ‘opt in’ model you have the opportunity to maximise commercial revenue opportunities for your school – from fee protection, pupils’ personal possessions, international pupil, and personal accident policy premiums.

How does it work?

You provide parents and fee payers with the option to take out cover as an additional benefit. You collect the premiums, we will invoice accordingly and you earn a margin from every policy sold. As a regulated partner, through this model, we will support you with all the relevant training, materials and documents required throughout the whole process.

Include cover within your fees.

Alternatively, you have the option of arranging your cover on an ‘inclusive’ basis – whereby all pupils are provided cover under one policy and the cost is included as part of the school fees. Not only does this provide you and fee payers with peace of mind but it also allows you to have control knowing that all pupils are automatically covered, especially important for travel and personal accident.


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