Independent, but insecure?

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21st century challenges: The state of play for cyber security in independent schools

The sustained integration of technology into the schoolroom has undoubtedly changed the art of teaching, Yet, technological innovation has also created new vulnerabilities which can be exploited by criminals, who see schools as profitable targets.

With sensitive pupil data on file, as well as the financial details of fee-paying parents and guardians, cyber security is an increasing risk area for independent schools.

We have surveyed professionals from across the independent education sector, to assess their attitudes towards cyber security, where threats may emerge, and how secure they think their school is. 

Read our white paper to find out:

  • The main cyber security threats facing independent schools
  • Expert analysis and guidance from law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys and Cyber Security Associates
  • The disparity between cyber security risks and perception among independent education professionals
  • How to safeguard your school in the wake of a cyber security breach

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From phishing and ransomware, through to accidental breaches and human-error, the cyber-threats facing independent schools are far-reaching and complex.

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