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Whatever the needs of your independent school, our range of professional products delivers the total protection required.

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Our range of policies has been developed to provide effective protection for your school, pupils and fee payers.

Through expert consultation and advice, our account managers will tailor your portfolio of insurance so you can be completely confident that you have the right cover options in place.

We want to build a strong partnership with you to anticipate and respond to your school’s evolving requirements.

That’s why working with us is both easy and rewarding.

Together, we can create a safer future for your school.


School fee protection

Protecting contractual obligations to pay school fees

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Personal accident

Protecting pupils and school staff who suffer serious bodily injury following an accident

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Pupils' personal possessions

Protecting pupils' personal possessions against loss, theft and damage

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International pupils insurance

Comprehensive cover for international pupils from the moment they leave home

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Travel insurance

Protecting groups and individuals on organised school trips

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Commercial insurance

Providing protection to the school against a wide range of risks

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