Cyber risk calculator

Cyber security

Without expert knowledge of the subject, cyber security can feel complex and intimidating. Yet schools remain high on the list of targets for cyber criminals, so it's something that all independent schools need to take control of. The major security risks are: phishing attacks, ransomware and permanent deletion of digital files.

Take a few moments to complete our Cyber Risk Calculator to understand the level of risk your school could be at from a cyber attack. 

Please answer these questions

Does anyone in your school take company-owned mobile devices (e.g. laptops, smartphones and USB drives) with them, either to their home or when travelling?

Does your school use cloud-based software or storage?

Does your school have critical operational systems connected to a public network?

Does anyone in your school use computers to access bank accounts or initiate money transfers?

Does your school store sensitive information (e.g. pupil data, financial reports) that could potentially compromise your organisation if stolen?

Does your school digitally store employee or customer sensitive information? This can include government issued ID numbers and financial information?

Does your school use suppliers, or are you part of a supply chain?

Would your school lose critical information in the event of a system failure or other network disaster?

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